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Stafford Beer developed Team Syntegrity as a means of Thirty Participants discussing 12 Topics with maximally distributed equality in context and perspective.

Shown is one possibly feasible labelling. Reading it as a Paskian Entailment Mesh we can take any pair of concepts separated by two struts and regard them as analogous and distinguished by the three concepts on the separating concept Thus we may say:

Error is analogous to Counting through Justice because Analogy, Love and Wisdom provide a mapping, a restriction and a distinction which when applied to Justice can yield Error and counting. Consider an inadequately optimised act of nepotistic altruism e.g. stealing to feed your drug habit/ child/ mother. Apply the concepts to put justice back into the inadequately optimised act. Discuss.

Nature may well seek to optimise itself icosahedrally: recently an icosahedral structure to water has been suggested by Chaplin.

Click to look at Chaplin's Model

Scholars of Beer's foundational work with the Viable System will note the conservation of pentatomic connectivity. Its aim is to optimise management policy.

This work is in progress.

Some experimental mappings of Syntegrity are shown. The first pruning seems to illuminate the scientific method or, perhaps, accountability.

It's not entirely clear to me what is happening here but thinking about the associations will prove extremely productive. Consider the similarities and differences in the concept pairs as they map to the third. Prunings under Dependence and Love (or Amity) are offered. Since "analogy" is part of Pask's protolanguage, Lp, its use here might be ordained illegal.

Two more prunings of the Icosahedron

The Concept Triple approach to mapping the Icosahedron

In Prep: Tackling the Cybernetics of Generation

Scientific Method and Sharp valued results in the Soft Sciences