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Nick Green
Founding Partner

We write programs for you and your Organisation. Our Expertise includes:

  • Applicable Neural Net Modelling
    (including 1-2 day feasibility studies with your data using the latest Gamma Test Technology)
  • Scientific and Business Applications

Our Associates and consultants are focussed mainly on Web Technology and Object Oriented methods when appropriate.

Recent Projects include

  • Intelligent Control of the Virgin Challenger Balloon
  • Specification of Instrumentation for the Public Service Process
  • The Statistical Information on Performance Standards (SIPS) Project
  • Data Warehouse and Data Mart architecture
  • Web based Internet/Intranet solutions for business
  • Intelligent Chat Bots and Multi-Player Games
  • N-Body Problems and Diffusion Limited Aggregation Evolution

Software Technology expertise includes C++, Visual Basic, SQL, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, PHP, MySQL, Apache, HTML and XML: All common web environments and operating systems supported. We can design for 24/7 high reliability no-stop high bandwidth bunker based hot swapping.

A wide range of Cybernetic Techniques are available to analyse working practices.

The Real Time Study Group recently estimated for HM Treasury that poor working practices waste at least 52% of Public Expenditure, excluding Social Security, per year in the UK Public Sector alone.

Our vision is for a computing environment that enables participation for all in Proper Accountable Development.