Robert Nicholas Green

2009 Retired! I am investigating earth moon electromagnetic resonance in the very low frequency region. I will take a look at Schumann Resonance (around 7.83 Hz) but the main region of interest is .1 to 4Hz. There is equipment to design, software to be written. It is hoped that an enclosing resonance will be found that confirms some of Gordon Pask's assertions about the coherence nature of dependence.

To present: Chair of Real Time Study Group design study for delivery of improved Public Service Management: regulation, development and alerting with a distributed Data Warehouse, supporting Data Marts and Data Mine. Consultation with Public Authorities in Central and Local Government and Health Authorities. From HM Treasury data estimated possible minimum of 52% waste in U.K. Public Expenditure because of non-compliance with best practice. Elected to Council of the Cybernetics Society (CS). First presented to CS Annual Conference, "Axioms from Interactions of Actors Theory" (Kybernetes 33 9/10, 2004 pp1433-1462). Further discussions and seminar to Joe Grice Director Public Services at HM Treasury. Contacts with Home Office, Transport Committee etc. Member Camden and Islington Mental Health and Social Care Trust Patient Forum. Consultant Patient and Public Involvement Forum Organization. Accredited Independent Custody Visitor (ICVA). The architecture of NPfIT is coherent with the Real Time Study Group approach. Currently developing an Open Source generic real-time alerting database for web and mobile phone users using Viable System Model and Pask's Lp, Protolanguage. Various contributions to Wikipedia.

2000-2002 Expression of Interest for Treasury ISB funding of Public Service Alerting, Modelling and Real-Time Audit (AMART) pilot project approved DETR July 2000 and by DTLR July 2001. Detailed implementation plan produced for HM Treasury. Seminar to Senior Adviser HMT Public Expenditure General Policy Team and Cabinet Office. Consulting in IT Various clients including City and Guilds, Incepto ltd and, Indigo Media Design ltd. Founded Web Design Partners for trainee web designers and Cybernetics Associates.

1996-1999 Research at University of Wales Department of Computer Science with Professor Antonia Jones setting up a new Evolutionary and Neural Computing Group. Contributed to development of the Gamma Test of time series determinism and error in smooth models. Proof now published by Royal Society (Proc. Roy. Soc. A 2759-2799, 2002). Constructed experimental neural net models of e.g. earthquakes, diabetes, cocoa futures, gold prices, solar system, anaesthesia threshold and supported work on river flooding, intensive care. Developed automatic modelling algorithm. Programming mostly C and VB. Produced simulation software for pilot training and prediction of fuel consumption for Richard Branson's Global Challenger non-stop round-the-world balloon record attempt, featured on News at Ten.

Chaired and founded (1997) Real Time Study Group a team of world class academic and industry experts in database and information systems technology, statistical modelling and management to promote improved use of statistics in government for better management.

1993-1996 Partner Pask Associates Management Consultancy. Principle client Hydro Aluminium for major innovation and re-orientation programme, Club of Rome, Architecture Association. Preliminary work on programme for London Underground Transport. The late Gordon Pask was the world's leading cybernetician ("Mister Cybernetics- the cybernetician's cybernetician" Heinz von Foerster, more correctly Professor Dr Dr Dr Pask), Wiener Medal holder and multiple honours, awards and many books and papers. Assisted with his Research in Cybernetics: axiomatic Interactions of Actors. Models for concurrent computation. Syntegrity Workshops for developing better management practice. Proposed electroanalytic instrument for general purpose quantitative chemical analysis. Initial study supported by Greenpeace International at Imperial College Department of Electronics.

1982-1993 Designer, consultant of Compunet and ultimately Managing Director and Chairman of Compunet Teleservices Ltd. Designed secure modem for Commodore 64. Compunet was a major project through which I became a Chartered Software Engineer. It was a precursor to the World Wide Web featuring searchable database of text, graphics, sounds and software, e-mail and chat. World Firsts included secure file transfer, multi-user games, applets, real-time quality control, and on-line user debit and credit accounts. Many of the accounting, quality control and security features are still unavailable on the World Wide Web. Real-time management reporting of database and sales activity was routine. Compunet's ease of use enabled a self-organising character made formal with user voting on file quality to guide uploaded user file deletion. This was derived from the great ("You've done it", Norbert Wiener) Stafford Beer's Viable System Model (the foundation for Management Cybernetics) and supported C64, Amiga, Atari ST and PC. Tim Berners-Lee please note.

Produced video "Using Compunet" with Marina Baker and Director Kara Taub. Technical support on "Microcomputers in Industry and Education" with Oscar winning Designer Anton Furst, Bond movies and Tomorrows World.

Consulted with President of University of Hollywood, a university for professors, on curriculum for a "University of Transports" with Gordon Pask. Awarded only PhD given and after period as Cybernetician-in-Waiting made Governor for Europe (with two heralds at official events!)

1978-1981 Software Manager Commodore Business Machines (UK) Ltd. First publisher of mass-market "shrink-wrapped" software: Games, Teaching Software, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database, Payroll and Accounts products. As Special Projects Manager Organised Conferences, Exhibitions, Publications and product launches and promotions. 1982 Prototyped Compunet demonstrating self-organising features. "PETNET" with David Parkinson and Mike Bolley of Ariadne Software Ltd. Published "PETNET: A Data Transmission System" Commodore in Education Conference "Microcomputers in Education" Ellis Horwood 1982.

1975-1978 Programmer at System Research Ltd for Prof. Gordon Pask contract for US Army (ARI Europe) "Decision Making under Information Overload". Assisted in research in cognition and concept modelling, administering and analysing subject/participant tests for "Innovation in Design" for USAAF (ARI Europe), SERC Research into "Human Learning and Cognition in Schools and Colleges" and "Spy Ring" test of learning styles. PhD program Brunel University Department of Cybernetics.

1974-1966 Essex University, Liverpool Cable TV Project and Community Development, Teaching Liverpool Further Education Institute. Post Graduate Research in Analytical Chemistry applied to Chemical Oceanography at Liverpool University. Papers on analysis of sulphate and carbonate, quartz and opal estimation with Infra Red spectroscopy in sedimentary rocks and lead, mercury, zinc, copper, nickel and iron in seawater using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. Published J Geol Chem and J Chem Geol. 1967 with Dr. Roy Chester

Captain Sailing Club University of Liverpool, Blue and Half-blue. Played Tom in Living Theatre emulation of Jack Gelber's "The Apple". Captain Liverpool Collegiate School A levels in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Editor School Magazine, played Shakespeare's Henry IV. Nine O Levels including French and German. Healtherlea Preparatory and Rosewood Nursery Schools.

BSc(Hons) Liverpool University 1965

FCybS Fellow Cybernetics Society 1980

MBCS Member of British Computer Society 1986

CEng Chartered Software Engineer 1990