1 April, 2004

Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody MP
Transport Committee
House of Commons
7 Millbank


Dear Mrs Dunwoody

I write to you officially because I have been trying to draw the Treasury's attention to the use of e-mail alerting to ensure those responsible in the Public Service do their jobs effectively.

So far this has been without effect. Our last presentation was to Joe Grice in September last year.

So now I write to you who clearly have the problem that most in the Public Service prefer to deny.

From their own Study Treasury estimates waste in the Public Service at 52%. 35% is due to poor productivity and 17% as poor investment (Productivity in the UK: The Evidence and the Government's Approach SOL 11/00 19585). The real situation is far worse when looked at in detail.

This solution is easy and inexpensive to implement and uses process diagrams on the web to quickly see the progress of improvement.

I urge you to take this most seriously and challenge the timeserving incompetents you are clearly surrounded by.

Yours sincerely

Nick Green FCybS

Chairman Real Time Study Group