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Some Papers

(Wiener, N., "My Connection with Cybernetics: Its Origins and its Future," Cybernetica (Belgium), (1958), 1-14. )

Pask and the Axioms from Interaction of Actors Theory

The effects of Self- Organising systems as companies and the properties or axioms Pask produced toward the end of his life
Scientific Method and Sharp valued results in the Soft Sciences

.DOC format downloadable Draft of

Axioms from Interactions of Actors Theory (presented at CybCon 2002)

Axioms from Interactions of Actors Theory (Longer version submitted to Kybernetes with experiments in population density)

Short summary Definitions of Axioms from Interactions of Actors Theory

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Notes on the REP operator before it became subsumed in all Pask's primary operators
In Prep: Tackling the Cybernetics of Generation

Pask's Approach to the Adaptivity of Fabric

What we call "Hardness" is an elastic property of repulsive force in condensed or solid matter.

The repulsive forces of the tapestry of entangled concepts leads to a carapace. So Gordon (Pask) would insist.The carapace of hardness characteristic of solids. The duality of P-Individual and M-individual of process and product? Waves produce photons and concepts produce matter by their force fields?

I once asked Gordon, who literally held the patent on Adaptive Systems, "What's the simplest example of an adaptive system?"

"A Cushion", he said.

Intriguing to consider the cybernetics of solids, liquids and gases in this context.
The invariances that are shed as a result of the change of state.

At his death Gordon was working on a paper provisionally called "The Myth of Invariance". I asked him how he would treat Atomic Number. "Ah, the Atomic Hypothesis" he said without missing a beat. Two years later in 1998 the Nobel Prize was awarded to Robert B. Laughlin, Horst L. Störmer, Daniel C. Tsui "for their discovery of a new form of quantum fluid with fractionally charged excitations". To doubters of the significance of this we point out that near the surface of an electron the field intensity is very high whether electric or magnetic. For reasons not obvious to me Pask insisted conceptualisation or thought was orthogonal to mentation, but he called the forces the fields of his concepts generated on each other "just forces"- not electric, magnetic, weak or strong. But to him matter thought, biology was not required. Evolution, before and after biology, was a product of his natural self-organising concepts.

The Diffusion Limited Aggregation Phenomenon (seen, for example, in the electrolysis of copper sulphate solution with a point cathode and a circular anode) is a simple, but potentially very rich, model of precipitation- state transition to liquid or solid. It also describes the formation of settlements around e.g. a crossroads. Reducing the stickiness parameter produces denser structures- which may predict that in medicine anti-coagulants should be used sparingly, for example. The stickiness corresponds to the voltage in the electrolysis case and a random number expressing the probability of sticking in the serial digital simulation. A small stickiness can be seen as a stronger repulsive force (perhaps). In the housing context we see how high density housing results from lack of amity between potential neighbours. The extraordinary power of Cybernetic Analysis! The ramified nature of growth at a nucleating point forms brain-like structures. Run the program below and see for yourself. You may find a counter-intuitive insight to interpret and apply to a field of your choice.

Download Sticky DLA (VB 6 28 Kbytes) Compiled for Windows PC
Download as zipped CAB file (1.8 Megs) with setup for non-VB users

The question of whether an incoming multi-pole will stick or not may be dependent on the fractal dimension or porosity of the surface. This suggests an interesting modification to the DLA model which may take it further away from the kinematic to the kinetic domain of approximation.

This work is in progress.

Any potential clients out there like to fund this?

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Next see an integration of Syntegration and Barnes' putative Accountability concept triple "Justice Love and Wisdom" an axiomatic tool for diagnosing participants and applying a Cybernetic Methodology: Therapy for pathological organisation.
Icosahedral Syntegrity
Pask's Dynamic Lp