We formed in 1997 after being told by Kathryn Packer of Cabinet Office Better Government Team that our proposals to remedy the omissions from the Better Government plans of any systematic handling of quantitative and achievement data were "an implementation detail".

Our inaugural meeting was held at Office of National Statistics Newport Office when we spoke to various experts to see why raw data could not be provided for modelling and day-to-day management. We concluded the legislative environment was inadequate. The need to modernise management and computing arrangements while maintaining existing statistical series and improving data collection was apparent. The Statistics Commission is considering this..

We find Government Statistics to be very much a Cinderella waiting to be given the attention proper in the neural net modelling age.

Founder Members are Professor Antonia Jones of the Parallel and Scientific Computing Group Neural and Evolutionary Team. Her Gamma Test is becoming the standard tool for estimating the precision attainable in smooth models from a given data set.

Professor Alex Gray of the Object and Knowledge based Systems Group at the University of Wales, Cardiff Department of Computer Science. It is one of the largest database reseach groups in the country and positions the Real Time Study Group as able to deliver the highest quality of state of the art computing solutions.

Nick Green has spent his life in computing and consulting in Cybernetics. His Compunet anticipated the functionality of the World Wide Web ten years before the appearance of the Mosaic browser. Perfecting the Real Time Design Approach while working with Professor Jones a close relationship has grown up which awaits only a go signal to achieve maximum impact on management but minimum disturbance to existing methods of data collection. Nick Green's software achieved National attention on the News at Ten when it was used to help Richard Branson in his last two Global Challenges.

Dr Robin Bailey and Nick Green worked together in Gordon Pask's famous Epistemological Laboratory and Cybernetics Consultancy System Research. Years later after extensive work in telecommunications and joined by Dr Alan Mills Robin created Venus one of the UK's first Web developers. They work in both Microsoft and Unix environments. Sadly earlier last year Alan was taken seriously ill and recently died. We have been fortunate to secure the services of Dr John Chandler an expert manager and an eminent expert in management with a particular interest in Development and Cybernetics. He has kindly agreed to prepare our current approach to the Treasury. He is Treasurer of the Cybernetics Society, an Associate of the Institute of Company Accountants and a member of the Bar Association for Commerce, Finance and Industry.

Dr Allenna Leonard is President of the American Society for Cybernetics. Her expertise and long association with the founder of Management Cybernetics the late Stafford Beer will ensure the relevant engineering is carried out with the necessary management focus.She has a particular interest in the Knowledge Management approach.

Other associates include world class consultants Tony Wilkes (Operating Systems and Compilers) and Tom Campbell (Web and Wireless solutions). Recent discussions have been with Ben Laurie who wrote the Secure Socket Layer for Apache. He is a core team and board member of the Apache Software Foundation. His support for secure, trustworthy, reliable computing lead us to believe that we are in a position to provide a superbly engineered solution.

This is a real Alpha plus plus team and it will be a pleasue to work with them. We are happy to co-operate with any commercial vendors under appropriate licensing arrangements. Implementation will be by competitive tender. BACK